Product Review: Wallaby Yogurt

As I’ve mentioned before, I have kind of a guilt complex when I buy individual yogurts, and have been on kick of a making it myself. However, sometimes the temptation of an individual flavor gets me (at which times I call myself a hippiecrit!). Wallaby Yogurt, a brand I recently discovered, is definitely one of my biggest temptations. Now, I try to buy their larger sizes – I bought a tub of their Plain Yogurt last week when I didn’t have time to make my own, and saw on their website that it comes in vanilla as well, so I’m on the lookout! But check out those individual flavors – the call of Bartlett Pear and Vanilla Bean have certainly gotten to me! And the new Down Unders – I can’t even tell you how good the Dark Chocolate Down Under is. It’s probably one of the best yogurts I’ve ever had (hello, it has chocolate in it!). I also tried the Berries & Cream Down Under last week and thought it was outstanding – I look forward to trying their other flavors. And honestly, maybe I’ll find a way to repurpose the yogurt cups myself. 🙂 Ideas, anyone?

Check out that CSA produce in the background!

Wallaby yogurt is wonderful – it’s Australian style (as you might have guessed from the name!), meaning it’s creamy, smooth and thin, almost drinkable. The coolest thing, for me, is that Wallaby is made in nearby Napa with milk from organic local farms – check out the farms and their happy cows!

The Dark Chocolate Down Under is so good, in fact, that it prompted me to write an email to Wallaby. I wanted to compliment them, see if they’d consider selling the “down under chocolate” itself as a pudding – it’s that good – and see what kinds of plastic recycling programs they had (like Stonyfield’s Recycling program) and if they’d consider greener packaging, like compostable “plastic.” Here’s what I said.

I really enjoy your yogurt and just wanted to let you know! I especially enjoyed the Dark Chocolate Down Under I just had. I plan on writing about it on my blog I like that you are organic and use milk from local farms!

One thing I was wondering is if you would consider using post-consumer plastic or even compostable containers? Or a program with a company like Recycline, who uses Stonyfield yogurt containers to make toothbrushes, razors and other products. I love your yogurt but feel guilty every time I buy an individually packaged one. I would encourage you to make more of your flavors available in the large tubs, too! I have the plain at home and will be on the lookout for vanilla.

Thank you again for a great product!

I also mentioned I just tried the Dark Chocolate Down Under – and it is fantastic! Really delicious! I was wondering if you would considering making a pudding just made out of the chocolate layer on the bottom – it is so good!

This morning, I got a very nice response from Tammy at Wallaby, which said, among other things:

At this time we don’t have plans to change our packaging, but we are
always keeping our eyes and minds open to greener packaging. Currently,
our cups are made of #5 plastic which is recylable in many areas, or used
clean cups can be sent to us for recycling.

Awesome! I appreciate her responsiveness. My sister always tells me if you want to see change, ask! Even if you asked before if your wine shop carries organic or biodynamic wines, ask again! Ask the produce guy if you have anything local, ask the store manager if they will consider carrying certain organic or local products in your stores, etc! Companies and stores want to please their customers, so if they know customers are asking for something, they’ll be more likely to do it.

While I really recommend you make your own yogurt, or seek out locally-made ones, if there are any in your area (I know I’m spoiled here), I highly recommend you try a great yogurt from this great company! What flavors look best to you? Which would you love to see come in a bigger tub? Any ideas for repurposing the occasional individual container of yogurt?



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21 responses to “Product Review: Wallaby Yogurt

  1. rawjuicegirl

    Oh, sounds great! I’ve never tried their brand but it sounds delicious–especially to add to smoothies! 🙂

    For repurposing the individual containers, have you considered planting a seed in each of them? You can use them to grow small plants and when they’re big enough you can transplant them to a bigger container, or even in a garden area in the yard (if you have one?).


  2. janeterin

    Hi Michele! Yeah, I bet their yogurt would be awesome in a smoothie.

    What a great idea for planting seeds! I have been wanting to start a rooftop garden for ages now. Time to get my sister over to help me out with that! 🙂

  3. Katharine

    Hi Janet!

    I found your blog through Kath’s and I’m so glad I did! I live in SF, too so it will be fun to read a blog written by someone in my area 🙂 Keep up the great work!


  4. janeterin

    Thanks for coming by and checking out my blog, Katharine! Nice to “meet” a neighbor! 😉 PS: How great is the weather today??

  5. I love Wallaby yogurts!! I haven’t tried the chocolate flavor yet, but I’ve tried the peach, grapefruit, and berry down under flavors and they’re amazing!

    My Whole Foods has a box for recycling yogurt containers. So I just save and wash my containers and drop them off when I do my shopping.

  6. Could you use the containers for your bulk purchases? I was thinking about using them for plants too.

    And speaking of which…yesterday I asked at my health-food store if anyone brings in their own containers for the bulk items. The checkout guys said they’d never seen anyone do that, and then talked about how they’d probably have to weigh the container, then weight it again with my items in it and subtract the difference. Is that what they do for you? Or do you just pay for the weight of the container as well? I’d think with glass jars it could add a lot to your purchase. I love the idea, so I’d like to hear more about the logistics…thanks 🙂

  7. oh good, i’ve been wanting to try wallaby! i’m the same way about buying small containers of yogurt, so every few weeks when it is time for me to use a fresh starter with the homemade, i buy a fancy flavor i’ve been wanting to try and eat half and use the other half for the batch :-).

    hmmm, i think my mom uses empty lidless yogurt containers as baby planters when she grows things from seed …

    (oh wait, just noticed someone already made that suggestion! hmmm, have to think some more. maybe molds for homemade popsicles?)

  8. Katharine

    Oh my gosh, I know. I can’t wait to get out of this office and start enjoying it! Keep your fingers crossed that we don’t get rained on this weekend..I’m sick of rain! Also, quick question…what farmers market do you frequent? I need to start getting in the habit of buying my produce there…

    Thanks and nice to “meet” you, too!

  9. Heather (be well & take care)

    I’m also echoing the sentiment of using them as mini planters! I’ve put herbs or small flowers in my yogurt cups before.

  10. janeterin

    Kiki – I know, aren’t they so good? I’m impressed with the company, too! That’s really cool your WF collects yogurt containers. I can recycle mine in my bin at home, but am trying to come up with other fun things to do, since I think most recycling still has to be sent abroad. :/

    Good question, Hallie. You know, at the place I go, they kind of expect you to bring your own containers, so they have a digital scale and little stickers. If your store is able to “tare” the price, or subtract the weight of the container, maybe you could weigh the containers at home, if you have a digital food scale, or you could find a place one time that has them and keep track of what the weight is. Out of curiosity, which health food store down there do you go to?

    Sarah – ooh, I never thought about starting my own yogurt with a flavored yogurt. What a great idea! How does it turn out when you do that? Just a subtle flavoring of the starter? Ooh, now you got me thinking homemade yogurt pops!

    Katharine – yeah, it is super gorgeous out! You know, this week I went to the one in San Mateo at lunch, because I work down there. I really LOVE the Ferry Building one (I think it was ranked the best in the country in an article I read!) but it can be a little expensive. I’ve been to the Civic Center one and Alemany and those are both less expensive, but have less organic stuff as well. I really want to try the Fillmore one sometime soon. Here’s a great list of the ones in the area. which you can sort by day. Maybe one of these days we can do a reader meet-up at a Farmers Market!

    I think all signs are pointing to some seed planting and gardening for me in the near future!

  11. Jaime

    I use the quart-sized yogurt containers kind of like poor-gal tupperware – for things like salads, or nuts, or non-liquid things. I also use them for counter-top compost bins (cause I didn’t want to buy a specific compost crock). I keep one in the shower to use when I wash the dogs. You could also use little cups as scoops for pet (or human!) food.

    I do end up recycling too many yogurt containers, but I try to use them at least a couple times for something else first!

  12. janeterin

    Thanks, Heather! Sounds like there is a consensus! I will definitely have to try that. 🙂

    Hi Jaime! 🙂 Great suggestions for repurposing! I have a few in my cabinet to use as tupperware, though sometimes I forget what’s in them when they’re in my fridge! That reminds me, I think I have some roasted red beets I need to use. Using it as a scoop is an awesome idea – perfect for my bulk foods! That’s cute that you use them to wash your pups – ooh, I bet you could use them to wash the baby’s hair, too! 😉

  13. Katharine

    That would be so great, Janet! I love the Ferry Building one, but yes–a little pricey. A girlfriend of mine goes to one on Grove and Divisidero (I think) on Sundays and seems to like it. Thanks for the great link!

    Happy Friday 🙂

  14. I love these yogurts!
    I especially love the kangaroo.

  15. My favorite place for groceries is Henry’s. When I asked about bringing in my own jars, I was at one in University City instead of my normal ones, and I think it’s a much smaller store. The one in North Park might be more used to people bringing in containers for bulk items.

    Do you have any SD grocery-store recommendations? One of these days I want to hit up People’s in OB. I think I went there once and felt it was pricy since I’m not a member of the co-op.

  16. just found your blog via your guest lunch at kerf. so awesome that you make your own yogurt. i’ve been wanting to do that myself. the yogurt my grandmother has been making all her life is the best things i’ve ever had and i need to recreate it!

    i’ve been looking for a fun green living food type blog for a long time and i’m glad i’ve come across yours!

  17. janeterin

    Katharine – awesome! I’ve been to that one before – that reminds me to go there again as I live pretty close to there! Feel free to email me at anytime if you ever want to meet up.

    Karene – I know, it’s such a cute label! Thanks for stopping by! It’s too bad they don’t make a coffee flavor for you. 🙂

    Hallie – I loved Henry’s when I lived there! You know, I actually never bought in bulk when I lived in San Diego, but I used to shop at the one in PB when I lived there after college. I like Jimbo’s a lot, too, if you’ve ever been there! I know there’s one in Del Mar Heights/Carmel Valley and one in Encinitas.

    Haya – thanks so much. I’m glad you found me too! I haven’t quite mastered the art of perfect homemade yogurt but I am working on it! Let me know how it goes if you try!

  18. I have really been wanting to try this yogurt. It looks wonderful. Good for you for taking steps for change. That’s great!

  19. You know what I do with the individual ones?(when I bought them-now I buy a huge tub and we flavor our own)I would cut them in to strips about 3/4 of an inch wide and use them for plant markers when I start seeds. I grow all my own flower and veggies seeds so I use a TON! I save them from year to year to and reuse pertinent ones. Now I use what ever tubs I happen to have.
    I also use them as cheap tupperware and embarrass my 16 year old son and drums for my little boys. Button containers.
    Sorting tubs.
    Salad dressing to go.
    Ice for a punch bowl.
    Yogurt smoothie pops.
    Strap on hats.
    Counter compost holder.
    Counter chicken scrap food holder.
    Bug container (I have granola kids)
    Bubble mix containers.
    Bath toys.
    We love to recycle!

  20. janeterin

    Courtney – thanks! I think we can all do little things to make a difference, so why not try, right?

    Laura – what amazing ideas! When I get a chance to grow some of my own stuff, I will totally cut up my old yogurt containers. Awesome! Love all your other repurposing ideas, too. And now I want a yogurt smoothie pop. 🙂

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