Pretty Green Tip: March Showers

Ok, so that title would have been way cuter in April, but whatever. 😉

If you do one thing today, make it this: take a slightly shorter shower. Even if it’s only one minute! I admit, this is easy for me – I’m a notoriously short shower-er (my family makes fun of me – did you even get your hair wet?), but it’s a super easy change anyone can do today! For a fun game, try timing yourself and cutting a minute today, two minutes tomorrow, etc.

According to Mother Jones, “1 minute in shower creates about ¼ lb of carbon—20.9 billion pounds saved yearly if we cut showers by 1 minute.”




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3 responses to “Pretty Green Tip: March Showers

  1. I’m a very short shower-er too! My roommate in college would always make fun of me because she took the longest showers EVER! I just never understood what all there was to do in there…get in and get out!

    I have this stat taped to the inside of my planner: “Every minute the water flows wastes up to 2 1/2 gallons.” – EPA

    Definitely puts things in perspective!

  2. janeterin

    That’s awesome you keep that stat with you – what a good reminder!

    I think I owe it to my short attention span, but yeah I’m the same way! I get bored way too easily, haha.

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