I Heart Whole Foods, Take Two

I spent a ridiculous amount of time this morning considering which grocery store I should go to. I think I changed my mind a hungred times! I knew I needed Double Rainbow ice cream, a delicious local brand (I brought it over to a girlfriends’ house recently and it was a big hit!) for book club tonight – I’m hosting. I also knew I needed to go to my local video store to rent the movie version of the book (The Prize Winner of Defiance, OH – so good!), as we’re planning on watching it after discussing the memoir. I figured I’d pop into my local market down there, Nabila’s, for a few things and to support a local business. I also thought about going to Bi-Rite and Rainbow Grocery, two of my favorite shops, but I’d need to go to both of them, as Rainbow doesn’t carry meat, but I wanted some bulk items they only have there. Whole Foods would have everything I needed in one place, but I felt kind of guilty shopping at a large chain – I really like the idea of shopping at smaller local businesses, especially in this economy. But then I figured Whole Foods is still keeping people employed, right? So I went to the video store, got my movie, and popped into Nabila’s. As luck would have it, they had Double Rainbow in French Vanilla! So I picked that up, as well as a few other items I needed. Then I headed to Whole Foods for a variety of things – sandwich bread, ground turkey, deli turkey, chicken, avocado (I can’t emphasize enough how lucky I feel to live in CA), ice cream, freshly ground almond butter, etc.


So, here’s where the love part comes in. I brought one of my empty jars for almond butter and weighed it on the scale, which looked like it was 1/2 lb. I got confused when I wrote the tare down, though, and it came out to $10 when the girl rang me up, even though I had less than half a jar. She tried re-taring it and it was still $8 and she’s like, you know, that just seems like a lot for such a small amount of almond butter. So she gave it to me FOR FREE. I couldn’t stop thanking her. I mean, seriously, what a nice thing to do. I know it’s not her money to give away, but it was just such a nice gesture that made my day. In fact, it inspired me – I think I’ll do a homemade Pecan Butter giveaway in the near future. Money has been a bit tight lately, but I am not willing to sacrifice the quality of my food, so this just really made a difference to me. The other cool thing was I had this coupon from Valentine’s Day for a free 365 (Whole Foods brand) pizza with a $35 purchase (and really, can anyone get out of WF without spending at least $35? If so, I want to see your grocery list! ;)). I remembered at the last minute so I just kind of grabbed this one, but it looks like a fun treat to have in the future. Not something I’d normally buy – but who can turn down a free pizza, right? In hindsight, I wish I had grabbed a vegetarian one, because I don’t know where the chicken came from, but I will enjoy it and say a little extra thank-you to the chickens lost their lives to provide me with a meal.

Off to make homemade hot fudge and organic Straus whipped cream for book club sundaes!



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3 responses to “I Heart Whole Foods, Take Two

  1. Hi…my name is Yasmin and I am a Whole Foods addict 🙂

  2. what a successful trip to wf!! sometimes you just have to go where you know you’ll find what you need … and with such great service!!

    and rest assured that i will be watching closely for this rumored pecan butter giveaway …

  3. janeterin

    It’s hard not to be addicted, I agree!

    Hehe – yeah I have a few giveaway ideas up my sleeve! I actually want to work on redesigning the site pretty soon (just some aesthetic stuff) so look for it in the near future! 🙂

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