CSA Bounty, or WHO Doesn’t Like Potatoes?

I just picked up my CSA produce for the week – check out this cornucopia!


I got:
4 apples
4 oranges
5 FREAKING GIGANTIC red potatoes
Bunch of red beets (unpictured)

I usually get to order whatever I want, but this week I either didn’t get the email or forgot to order in time, so they gave me a selection based on my past orders and what they had available. I actually probably didn’t need the beets (got them last week and roasted them but still haven’t eaten them), but I’ll come up with something! Maybe I’ll enter the Blogger Secret Ingredient contest for the first time with some of these items, as long as I pick up some basil. Does anyone have any awesome recipes they want to share for any of these other ingredients? I won’t steal them for BSI, I swear!

Check out the cool reusable bag from my CSA, too! I alternate between that, providing my own bag (usually one from Whole Foods) and a big paper shopping bag which you can return to reuse. You can also return egg cartons which they will reuse even if they aren’t the same brand the CSA provides – pretty cool!

Seriously, how huge are those potatoes? Maybe they just look really big to me because red potatoes are usually so small.


Funny story: My little brother, who is 6 (yes, big age difference), doesn’t like potatoes. I was on a walk with my roommate and telling her this story and I said, “I mean, WHO doesn’t like potatoes?” Her response, “um, I don’t.” It’s been a running joke between us ever since. Check out the note I left her on the counter. 🙂 It’s written on an old envelope I saved, of course!



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7 responses to “CSA Bounty, or WHO Doesn’t Like Potatoes?

  1. jaime

    I mean, seriously, WHO DOESN’T LIKE POTATOES??? Great blog entry 🙂

  2. Haha I posted my CSA bunch today too! I guess between the two of us there’s no secret of what grows this time of year in CA, huh? I don’t get to pick what I get, though. Just whatever they’ve got growing. Most of the time I like that because I have to try new things, but it’s also hard to do that much experimenting sometimes!

  3. i don’t like potatoes either!! i DESPISE them (except for sweet potatoes, which i love). your csa bounty looks so good. i can’t wait until mine starts in june! for the kale, you should try my kale-crust pizza!! it won the bsi a couple weeks ago, i’m proud to say — and it’s DELICIOUS 🙂

    using old envelopes as scrap paper is such a good idea!

  4. janeterin

    Hallie – I think it’s actually kinda cool when you don’t get to pick! Like I forgot to order a few weeks ago and got rutabagas (I think??). I actually liked them a lot – who knew? But yeah sometimes you get stuff with stuff you’re not gonna use, like the beets for me this week!

    That is funny, Sarah! I guess a lot of people is my answer! 😉 My good friend Becca doesn’t like them either, it turns out. But sweet potatoes are awesome, I agree! Wow, I am absolutely making that kale pizza crust – how creative are you!? That looks awesome, and I even have a jar of pizza sauce and some shredded mozzarella sitting in my fridge from a pizza party I had, a pizza stone in the oven,and some shallots just waiting to be caramelized to go on top… just need to pick up some eggs!

    I totally have a full junk-drawer of old envelopes (um, that one with the note turned out to be DIVORCE PAPERS for our apartment’s old tenant), insides of cereal boxes, etc. I save it all – it comes in very handy!

  5. Hey, I’ve written about CSA on my blog, and I’m just wondering what your opinion on it is? Do you think it is convenient for you, and do you think it is worth it for the fresh veggies and environmentally friendly practices?

  6. janeterin

    Hey Molly,

    I really love my CSA, and it’s pretty convenient for me. It actually used to be a little more convenient, when I could pick it up down the street from my gym. Now I pick it up at a place on the way home, which involves a few extra turns on the road, but it’s not too bad. I also really like Farmers Markets, but the things I like most about the CSA are the convenience, knowing that I am supporting local farmers (I pay by the season so they know they are guaranteed that amount of money as opposed to just trying to self their stuff after it’s grown) and that it encourages me to try new vegetables. I think it is absolutely worth it – plus mine is pretty affordable!

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