This Makes Me Happy

Last night my friend MK and I decided to meet at our favorite frozen yogurt (non-organic, Pinkberry knock-off, boohoo) place after work. But we’d both come from the gym and were starving when we met, so we decided to grab something to eat first. Not wanting to spend a lot of money or eat anything heavy (just enough to tide us over so we didn’t scarf down our Pomegranate yogurts too fast) we popped into a new Mexican place for a soft taco each. The place had quite a salsa bar, and – here’s where the happy part comes in – reusable salsa containers! Hurray! Full disclosure: we didn’t see them at first and eached grabbed a plastic cup. Bad Green Girl! Being too hungry can definitely lead to poor decisions, for sure. Anyway, we quickly saw these cups:


and got to tasting! I tried a Cucumber salsa (only to realize after it was labeled Hot. Which would have been fine except I was so hungry I started to eat it plain and I didn’t have any water yet. Ouch!), a regular Hot salsa, a salsa verde and a pumpkin seed salsa, which was unfortunately pretty gross. But the taco was decent and the place even had cool clay-like mugs out for water instead of plastic cups. Awesome.

Now I really need to remember to keep a spoon in my purse, ’cause I was bummed about the plastic one they gave me at the frozen yogurt place. I did keep it for future uses, though! :



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3 responses to “This Makes Me Happy

  1. all that salsa variety sounds so exciting!! i wonder why the place even bothers offering plastic cups at all if they have these other better options?? it’s their fault you grabbed plastic first — not yours :-). i love the idea of carrying a spoon around in your purse, haha. report back on how it goes!

  2. Cool place you went too… I would love to try all the salsa variety. I found your blog from Carrots and Cake… I like reading your stuff. keep up the good work


  3. janeterin

    Yeah, they had a lot of fun choices! If I go again I’ll try to get a shot of the whole salsa bar. I guess the plastic ones were for to-go people, but whatever! Doesn’t everyone carry around a mini Tupperware in their purse? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ha, I don’t even do that! Though I totally wrapped a spoon and fork in a paper napkin and rubber banded them this morning! I try not to use paper napkins in general but I had torn of the corner of one for something else so I had it sitting on my desk. We’ll see how it works out – my purse is kind of a disaster area right now! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hi Zesty! Thanks for finding me and the compliment! I like your blog a lot, too – I think I first saw you via Kath!

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