Product Review: BioBag

If you’re like me, you can’t bear to use plastic bags, even to line your garbage cans. Enter BioBag! These little green bags, made of “GMO free starch, biodegradable polymer and other renewable resources” are a great alternative to your standard plastic Hefty. They are 100% biodegradable and compostable (compost them if you can! post on that topic coming soon). They are flimsier than regular trash bags, for sure, but they definitely still do the job!


I buy two sizes – one for my trash can and one for compost, which I keep in the freezer to avoid fruit flies, and then bring over to my Dad’s house to put in the bin. I’m very lucky that San Francisco picks up compost in addition to recycling and trash! Though I would like to start doing my own real composting and plan to post about that soon. It looks like they also make dog waste bags, which is awesome! I know a lot of people who save their plastic bags from the grocery store for this task (though not here – they’ve been banned at major chains, yay!). So now you can bring your own super-cute reusable bag (like an Envirosax!) and save plastic all over the place.


According to their website, “BioBag retail products are available at most natural food stores across the country.” Yay! And yes, they are more expensive than regular trash bags, but I find it worth it. It’s all about priorities!



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2 responses to “Product Review: BioBag

  1. ooh, i will have to keep my eye out for these!
    SO jealous that they pick up compost in san fran!!! i’ve got nowhere to put it here in ny. i save veggies ends, etc, for broth, but we still have so much food trash :-/

  2. janeterin

    Cool, I hope you can find them!!

    I know, I feel very lucky. Unfortunately my building doesn’t want to deal with the bins, but I’m lucky that my Dad has a house in the City, so I just take them over there when I go to his house for dinner every other weekend or so. I only thought of keeping it in the freezer until then recently. There were a few fruit fly incidents over the summer. 🙂

    You know, I wonder if there are any compost drop-off places near you! I started to do a little research, but then got distracted by baking some brownies (post coming soon!). 😉

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