Pretty Green Tip of the Day: Green Print

I realized after a conversation with friends lately that I hardly print anything at work! I know I am lucky, and that most people do have a lot more paperwork at their jobs, but I’ve found there is a lot you can do on the computer instead of on paper. I used to print out my weekly work schedule and check things off throughout the week, but now I keep it as an Excel document and use the strikethrough function – just as satisfying to check something off your list! I also keep a master Grocery List saved on my desktop with the things I usually buy. I used to print it, but I’ve decided to start copying it onto leftover scratch paper – old envelopes work great for this. Or, if I do decide to print the list, I’ll keep it in my purse or wallet and use it several times before reusing the piece of paper for something else.

Anyway, here’s my tip: when you do have to print something, head right on over to the printer to pick it up! If not, you are much more likely to have to print it again later, for various reasons – you forgot, it got lost in the shuffle of someone else’s printing job, someone else accidentally picked it up, etc!




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3 responses to “Pretty Green Tip of the Day: Green Print

  1. jaime

    Here’s the thing- I love to print stuff- does double siding it on recycled paper make it a little better? 😉 I will try not to be so print crazy- thanks for the advice!

  2. janeterin

    Any little bit helps, for sure! I used to be way printer crazy (printing multiple copies of essays to edit in college, etc) but it definitely gets easier once you get used to it!

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