What I’m Cooking Today: Eggs with Chanterelles and Leeks

I was starving after my trip to the Farmers Market this morning, but decided I could make something delicious at home as opposed to spending $10 for breakfast at the Market (though I’m sure it would have been delicious).

On the menu:

Leeks and chanterelle mushrooms sauteed in a little butter, then scrambled with 2 eggs
Sliced strawberries (organic and from CA! I picked them up at Bi-Rite yesterday)
Sliced pear, from the Farmers Market
Grapes from the Farmers Market
Whole wheat toast, from bread bought at a local bakery (Noe Valley Bakery), with real butter

If anyone’s curious, I calculated out the nutritional info for this meal: there are 371 calories and 18 grams of protein. Not bad for a filling breakfast made with real butter and other “real” ingredients!



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4 responses to “What I’m Cooking Today: Eggs with Chanterelles and Leeks

  1. janeterin

    Thank you! I feel really lucky that I could find this great fruit in season!

  2. jaime

    I love that it’s so low in calories yet has “real” ingredients as well. So tired of processed food and weird chemicals!

  3. janeterin

    Yay, me too! Three cheers for real butter in moderation!

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