What I’m Cooking Today: Pomegranate Happy

Three cheers for pomegranate season! I’ve been obsessed with getting the sweet-tart fruit on my original tart frozen yogurt lately, so I picked one up at my favorite market, Bi-Rite, yesterday. I don’t think I’d ever seeded one myself before, and it actually was so much fun! I Googled instructions, and it’s pretty easy. First, start by wearing all black clothes so you don’t stain yourself! I cut off the top of the fruit, and then scored it in about 6 places, like you’d cut an orange (ie wedge shapes). Then I submerged it in a big bowl of water and pulled it apart. So fun! The seeds are seriously beautiful, and I couldn’t help sneaking a few as I was prepping it! For lunch today I had a big salad with romaine and spinach from my CSA, feta cheese, a generous sprinkling of the seeds, and half a seared Fulton Valley chicken breast. On the side: plain yogurt with more pom seeds and ground flaxseed. SO delicious, and a super food to boot! I love eating by the seasons! pom6


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