Product Review: Envirosax

I’m in the habit of bringing my own bags to the grocery store (yay for SF for banning plastic ones), but I have a lot of friends and family members who say they’d like to do so, but never remember to bring their bags with them. Enter Envirosax. I first found them at a travel store in my neighborhood, but I’ve since seen them in grocery stores (in Mendocino at least) and various other locations. They are totally cute, come in tons of fun patterns and colors, and, best of all, they roll up super small to fit in your purse, glove compartment, etc. I’ve got the Flora Bag 1, and keep a bunch of them in my closet to give as gifts! They roll out pretty big, so you can fit a ton of groceries, or other items (I use mine at Target – no plastic bags!), and are pretty sturdy. There are a lot of other companies who make similar bags that fold or roll up, but I think Envirosax makes the cutest ones.



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